Military Grade Nylon Chute (64 Inch) Dinosaur Orange
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Military Grade Nylon Parachute (Light Weight Super Canopy) (64 Inch) Dinosaur Orange

If history repeats itself, we are sooo getting a dinosaur.  An orange one.  Who knows?  Maybe they were orange and pink and yellow.  Who is to say, really?  The bones they dug up are only color-coded in the National Geographic specials.  As for parachutes, there is one color that is absolutely known internationally.  It’s called international orange.  Our Dinosaur Orange is in that spectrum, only brighter.  When you shoot high power and want a parachute to stand out in the sky, Dinosaur Orange is a natural choice.  We introduce you to, drum roll, Dinosaur Orange by Douglas Rocket.

Our Military Grade Parachute line consists of parachutes that were originally manufactured for military use.  As such, they are high quality products designed to withstand stresses that meet or exceed model rocket demands.  There is no test data available, but these products are stout with heavy stitching and strong components.  They are considered "used" though many are like new and only display some storage or handling wear.  If they have been used, we go to great lengths to clean and repair any imperfections and we personally examine every piece.  Our quantities are limited so we cannot guarantee you'll see these again once our inventory runs out. If you like them, buy as many as you think you will need as they may not be here the next time you visit our website.

We love this parachute!  For a 64 inch (162 cm) diameter parachute made from the same nylon material used in personnel parachutes used by the military, this is an extremely strong and very lightweight chute.  It is military surplus and constructed for super dependability.  The parachute is beautiful in the air, with a ten gore construction that gives the semi-hemispherical look when in full bloom.  The parachute has heavy reinforced tape that runs from the edges of the skirt all the way to the apex.  There is no spill hole so the parachute does hang in the air for slower descent.  At the apex there are tie loops where you can attach our Snake Tracer streamers to improve visibility or for the attachment of a chain of parachutes for deployment purposes.  This Military Grade Parachute with Light Weight Canopy has ten 54 inch (137 cm) lines which are stout but light weight (similar to 550 cord).  There is an 8 inch (20 cm) attachment sash at the bottom for ease of linking to your shock cord and airframe.  The best part?  This rather large parachute only weighs 10.4 ounces (295g) and is suitable for Level I and Level II shots and may be suitable in some Level III projects—though we have not tested them with the big boys.  The downside is that these parachutes are used military surplus and that means that they do have occasional stains or discoloration that affects the beauty, but not the performance.  We will send the best ones out to the early bird customers and as always we personally inspect each one to make sure there are no major defects.  We’ve been flying rockets ourselves since 1967 and we know how important your parachute is to you.  Please also understand, that as this is surplus, designs vary slightly from parachute to parachute and may not match exactly the photos (close but not perfect in some cases.)  At the end of the day, though, we think you will love this parachute as much as we do.

This particular parachute is also quite suitable for large quadcopter recovery systems and RC airplane recovery systems.

Plan on using at least a 75mm diameter airframe for this parachute because there is a lot of canopy material involved in this 64 incher (162 cm).  One packing configuration measures 3 X 3 X 9 inches (7.5 X 7.5 X 23 cm).

  • Item #: MGP 64-162-DIO

Military Grade Nylon Chute (64 Inch) Dinosaur Orange

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