Military Grade Nylon Parachute (Medium Weight Canopy) (56 Inch)
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Our Military Grade Parachute line consists of parachutes that were originally manufactured for military use.  As such, they are high quality products designed to withstand stresses that meet or exceed model rocket demands.  There is no test data available, but these products are stout with heavy stitching and strong components.  They are considered "used" though many are like new and only display some storage or handling wear.  If they have been used, we go to great lengths to clean and repair any imperfections and we personally examine every piece.  Our quantities are limited so we cannot guarantee you'll see these again once our inventory runs out. If you like them, buy as many as you think you will need as they may not be here the next time you visit our website.

The Nylon Parachute (with medium weight canopy) is a sweet little parachute, measuring 56 inches (142 cm) in diameter.  It has 12 gores, giving it a hemispheric shape.  The lines are heavy nylon and measure 59 inches (150 cm) in length.  The parachute weighs 11.9 ounces (338 grams).  It is light enough to be launched to respectable altitudes with Level I high powered rockets and is tough enough to handle Level II projects.  The pure white canopy material is the same nylon you see in parachutes designed for human military jumps.  The gores are double stitched together and the shroud lines are attached with reinforced zig-zag stitching.  The canopy has a 4 inch (10.1 cm) diameter spill hole.  You can pack this chute in a variety of ways, but one configuration we have tried measures 2 X 2 X 8 inches  (5 X 5 x 20 cm) and will load into a 75 mm airframe.  (With some work it will fit into a 54 mm airframe.)  This parachute will give years of service.

As always, be sure to protect this and other genuine nylon chutes with a protective Kevlar blanket or similar system, as the nylon is susceptible to burning and melting if it is allowed to get too hot. 

  • Item #: MGP 56-142

Military Grade Nylon Parachute (Medium Weight Canopy) (56 Inch)

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