This kit comes with two parachutes, Red & White, Orange & White
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This parachute is perfect for TARC teams interested in a reliable and consistent parachute for the 2011 Team America Rocketry Challenge. When you are trying to reach a goal of a predetermined altitude and total flight time, it is nice to have a parachute that opens uniformly, inflates the same amount, and hangs in the air the same way again and again. By using the Douglas Rocket Nylamesh Parachute, a team can reduce or eliminate one of the variables in the challenge so that time can be better spent on engine selection and rocket design. The parachute behaves the same consistently--no air-slip, no under-inflation, no over-inflation. Nylamesh is the way to go. Our unique Nylamesh design features a two-color canopy with a white mesh base that replaces the need for shroud lines. The mesh allows air to flow into and inflate the canopy with no possibility of tangled shroud lines--because there are no shroud lines. The tangle-free design that Model Rocket Parachutes has for sale insures great recovery every time. The 15 inch diameter nylon parachute is perfect as a small drogue parachute or as a main chute on a small model where weight is not an issue. This parachute is very durable, and can handle the stresses of an egg loft. Fits easily into airframes BT-50 (24mm) and larger. This recovery kit comes with two parachutes, one of each of our standard colors, red & white, and orange & white. Includes connecting snap swivels. Parachute weight is approx. 12 grams. $15 per set.
  • Item #: NMP 15-38

Nylamesh Chute 15 Inch (38 cm) (2 Pk.)

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