Nylamesh Chute With Deployment System  48 Inch (128 cm) (3 Pk.)
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Enough is enough. Well, maybe not, but this is a big parachute designed for those mid-power rockets. It's very light, and it's durable. Features the same reliable deployment as its two kid brothers, the 36 and 24 inch, but has a smart-looking canopy made from eight colorful gores. It wasn't intended for high power flights, but that didn't stop rocketeers at NARAM-52 from hooking it up. (NAR members at the week-long event couldn't wait for our high-power chute that is currently in development.) Fly to your heart's content and depend upon the tangle-free canopy deployment. There are simply no shroud lines to twist. This is a superb parachute for those who are stepping into the big stuff and want a soft landing from some of those higher altitude shots. Our recovery kit comes with three parachutes, one of each of our standard colors, red & white, orange & white, and black & yellow. Parachute weight with the deployment bag system is 106 grams. Requires a BT-80 (65 mm) or larger airframe. $48 per set.
  • Item #: NMP 48-128

Nylamesh Chute With Deployment System 48 Inch (128 cm) (3 Pk.)

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