Professional Mini-Parachute
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Professional Mini-Parachute
This is one of the most spectacular model rocket parachutes that has ever been fabricated.  The 20” diameter canopy is cut from the same material used in professional military parachutes with the strength and flexibility  of personnel and cargo chutes.
This parachute is special because the fabric is so thin that it folds and unfolds easily and yet, has tremendous strength.
The shroud lines are flat, making them easy to fold into the canopy for pre-deployment packing. 
The eight shroud lines terminate in a ring that is attached to an 11.5 inch chain hook assembly that includes a snap swivel for easy attachment to your shock cord.  The connection between the shroud lines and the chain hook assembly is protected with heat shrink tubing to help insure strength and smooth non-snag deployment.
We offer these chutes in four colors:  Eye Gouge Pink, Sunspot Yellow, Dinosaur Orange and Snow White.  Choose the one you want to go with your latest rocket, or, buy the pack of four and always have a color to contrast with any sky condition or landing site.
20” Diameter Nylon Canopy (50 mm)
17” Shroud line (8 lines)
11.5” Chain hook assembly

PMP 20-50 SSY (Sunspot Yellow)
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Professional Mini-Parachute

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