Shroud Line Chute   12 Inch (32 cm)  (3 Pk.)
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Our standard shroud line parachute series consists of heavy-duty two-color nylon canopies with shroud lines and attachment tether. The 12 inch parachute was actually designed as a drogue chute for mid-power rockets, but it has been successfully used in smaller rockets as a stand alone recovery system. When comparing with plastic 12 inch parachutes, the plastic is lighter, of course, but the nylon chutes we have for sale are much more durable. The trade-off in weight gives you parachutes that will be standard model rocket supplies in your range box long after the plastic ones have been ripped up. This parachute fits easily into airframes BT-50 (24 mm) and with experience can be rolled and deployed out of BT-20 (18 mm) body tubes. The recovery kit actually comes with three parachutes, one each of our red & white, orange & white, and the ever-popular black & yellow. Why do we sell three to a kit? Simple. You will always have the appropriate color to contrast with the sky conditions overhead. Complete with a snap swivel on each parachute. Each parachute weighs 8 grams. $12 per set.
  • Item #: SLP 12-32

Shroud Line Chute 12 Inch (32 cm) (3 Pk.)

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