Shroud Line Chute   18 Inch (48 cm) (3 Pk.)
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The Douglas Rocket 18 inch parachute is a fine addition to any rocket parts list. This nylon chute sports a two-color canopy with an attachment tether that clips directly to your shock cord. The bright colors make the parachute easy to see and speed recovery after a soft landing. Made to last, the parachute weighs just 14 grams. Our recovery kit includes three parachutes. Use them one at a time or hook them up together for heavier models. The canopy colors in this kit are red & white, orange & white, and black & yellow. Your cost for three parachutes is the same as others charge for just one. Requires a BT-50 (24 mm) or larger airframe. $18 per set.
  • Item #: SLP 18-48

Shroud Line Chute 18 Inch (48 cm) (3 Pk.)

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