Shroud Line Chute With Deployment System 24 Inch (64 cm) (3 Pk.)
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As we move into larger recovery devices, offers not only a spectacular nylon parachute with shroud lines, but a complete deployment system. Here is how it works: You clip the upper lead of the deployment bag to the model rocket nose cone. You pack the parachute in its own deployment bag with side compartment for the lines and rip cord. The rip cord is then attached to the shock cord of the model rocket body. Insert a suitable recovery wadding or kevlar blanket to protect the chute (not included) and then slide the recovery assembly into the body tube. Put the nose cone in place and you are ready to go. When the ejection charge of the engine ignites, it pushes the chute wadding and the recovery system out of the top of the body tube. The nose cone pulls away from the body. As it separates from the airframe, the rip cord automatically tugs the shroud lines out of their pocket and then they in turn deploy the parachute almost instantaneously. This system is intended for mid-power model rockets and the recovery system comes with three parachutes, each with their own deployment bag, tethers, snap swivels and rip cord. The set includes one each of our standard colors, which are red & white, orange & white, and black & yellow. A single parachute with deployment bag weighs 27 grams. You can use one or more parachutes depending upon the weight of your model. A single parachute requires a BT-60 (41 mm) or larger body tube. $24 per set.
  • Item #: SLP 24-64

Shroud Line Chute With Deployment System 24 Inch (64 cm) (3 Pk.)

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