Snake Tracer Streamer 1.6 Inch (4 cm) By 14 Feet Long (3 Pk.)
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On a windy day, you never can have enough streamers and so that is why we developed the Snake Tracer Streamer Series. Our streamers are another model rocket recovery innovation. Each streamer has its own deployment pocket where the streamer is neatly folded prior to lift-off. Attach one tether to the nose cone and attach the other tether to the body tube shock cord. When the nose cone pops due to the model rocket engine ejection charge, the 14 feet 8 inch long (450 cm) streamer is neatly played out. Then, aerodynamic drag sets in. Constructed of nylon, the streamer has two airways that cause it to flap in the wind, creating additional drag and slowing your model during its return to earth. Each streamer has three segments, two colored and one white. The streamer recovery kit contains three streamers, one each of our standard colors, red & white, orange & white, and black & yellow. The 1.6 Inch streamer slides easily into a BT-50 (24 mm) rocket body. Why do we call this the Snake Tracer Series? In the air, the streamer snakes back and forth. On the ground, the generous length makes it easier to spot your rocket on the ground or in a tree. First flight tested at NARAM-52 on high power, our streamers make excellent tracking targets, even at thousands of feet altitude. The 1.6 inch streamer weighs just 15 grams. $10 per set.
  • Item #: STR 1.6-4

Snake Tracer Streamer 1.6 Inch (4 cm) By 14 Feet Long (3 Pk.)

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