Snake Tracer Streamer 3.1 Inch (8 cm) By 14 Feet Long (3 Pk.)
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The 3.1 inch Snake Tracer Streamer is just like its baby sister, only wider. It has the same self-pocket for easy packing and attachment to the rocket, the same two-color design with airways and the same 14 feet 8 inch length. Weighing in at just 23 grams, rocketeers do not hesitate to add the tracking streamer to their mid-power rockets using parachutes. The streamer aids in spotting high altitude flights and helps locate the rocket on the ground. Or, for rockets that can take a hard landing, this streamer aids in reducing air to ground speed on those days when using a parachute is just impractical. Streamer recovery makes sense in some applications and this nylon streamer is the perfect solution for multiple flights. Our streamer recovery kit contains three streamers, one each of our standard colors, red & white, orange & white, and black & yellow. This streamer requires a BT-60 (41 mm) airframe or larger. Every range box should have a few of these for use when the conditions warrant. $20 per set.
  • Item #: STR 3.1-8

Snake Tracer Streamer 3.1 Inch (8 cm) By 14 Feet Long (3 Pk.)

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