Snake Tracer Streamer 4.7 Inch (12 cm) By 14 Feet Long (3 Pk.)
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The 4.7 inch wide Snake Tracer Streamer is bold and beautiful. Everything we designed into the two more narrow streamers were put into the widest streamer as well. Still boasting a 14 feet 8 inch length and its own built-in deployment bag, this model rocket product is a must for mid and high power tracking. Just tie it into the recovery train and while your rocket floats down on its own parachute (not included) the streamer aids both in airborne visual tracking and in ground search. You can also use this as a stand-alone streamer for rockets designed exclusively for streamer recovery. Suppose you want to lower a payload on a parachute of its own, but you want the booster rocket to come down quickly under streamer recovery. One of our three streamers might be just what you want for that application. Made from durable but light-weight nylon, each two-color streamer weighs just 31 grams. You will need a BT-60 (41 mm) or larger airframe to pack this animal but once it is in the sky you will be happy with the distance sighting as the streamer traces through the sky like a snake. Our streamer recovery kit contains three streamers, one each of our standard colors, red and white, orange and white, and black and yellow. You can use one streamer at a time, or like we did at NARAM-52, install two or more for enhanced distance tracking. As we said, this one is bold and beautiful. $30 per set.
  • Item #: STR 4.7-12

Snake Tracer Streamer 4.7 Inch (12 cm) By 14 Feet Long (3 Pk.)

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