Traveler (Book 9)
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Traveler (Book 9)

A traveler made contact with Wallace Larame in that cemetery. He had no idea that he had met her before, but by the time the encounter was over she was asking him for help.

What could he possibly do, and why did she send herself more than 5,000 miles through the planes of energy that connect humans? Was it that important, and could he really help?

Suppose you meet a two-headed woman, a man who reads books constantly and remembers everything, a person who does math without numbers? Then, you realize you are not there as a researcher, you are there as one of the subjects under study?

How much money will the government spend to investigate the paranormal and is there really a time portal that is used to send people back to the French Guyana Penal Colony?

What does coffee have to do with nuclear bombs and is it really possible to dig your fingers into a man’s eyes until they explode? Sound harsh? When you are kidnapped, escaping at any cost is priority one.

Rabbits, beagles, typewriters that type without being touched? How far will people go when the military industrial complex is involved?

And who would think there would be an ESP arms race?

These are complex questions sorted out by French, Dutch, German, Croatian and American characters. They are all fiction, well, except the ones who are based on real characters who know this isn’t completely fiction.

There he goes again. Author Douglas Kirk is out of control. Part of what he is telling you is true. Part of it is not. But how are you supposed to distinguish the difference? This is another ride that has plenty of unknowns. Get on, you won’t be able to get off.

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Dimensions: 4.13” X 6.88” paperback
Black ink on white paper
274 pages
Morton Falls Publishing Company
ISBN-13: 978-0934279369
ISBN-10: 0934279365
BISAC: Fiction / Psychological


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Traveler (Book 9)

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